Poster Programme

P01 Dielectrophoresis of organic fluorescence dye molecules
Rakph Hölzel, Fraunhofer IZI-BB, Germany

P02 Dielectrophoresis Based Characterization of Phytoplankton Cells
Mohamed Zakarya Rashed, University of Louisville, USA

P03 Using Dielectrophoresis to Determine the Role of Casein Kinase in Red Blood Cell Circadian Clock
Emily Kruchek, University of Surrey, UK

P04 Electrokinetic induced lateral displacement in Deterministic Lateral Displacement microfluidic devices
Victor Calero Martin, University of Southampton, UK

P05 Single-cell sized electrokinetic 3D structures in microfluidic chambers
Kevin Keim, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

P06 Electrowetting and Dielectrowetting on Lubricant Impregnated Surfaces
Gary Wells, Northumbria University, UK

P07 Biosensor surface functionalization based on AC electrokinetic forces
Sandra Stanke, Fraunhofer Institute IZI-BB, Germany

P08 Dielectrophoretic cell trapping for enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonance sensing
Marion Costella, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada

P09 Immobilisation of Nanospheres as Single Objects on Nanoelectrode Arrays
Mareike Noffke, Fraunhofer Institute IZI-BB, Germany

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline (extension):
    20 June 2018
  • Early registration deadline:
    6 July 2018
  • Registration deadline:
    18 July 2018

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